Reviews for "Pimp My Warthog 3"

better than before!

nicely done! and i thought your other one was good... but this is just awesome!


it was kinda fun, cool game, decent variety of options. it was good, you could add a little more but its fine how it is. good job, 3.5 out of five

Not bad

It's nicely drawn, well animated, but it's very lacking in a few key places:
-More customization options
-More areas to customize
-More backgrounds


That was cool fixing up a warthog, but I was looking forward to driving it when I was done. I guess I was a little disapointed. That's ok though. You do need more options though, since it doesn't drive. Good Times.

make some designs that are way out there
get more backgrounds
more locations customizable, ie. doors, bumpers, i don't know
it needs some sound

Good Luck!

pretty cool.

altho u should be able to make more alterations to the vehicle and background music would be nice too.

PODmedia responds:

I didnt add music for one reason, I didnt want people to spend ages waiting for a song which they didnt like-then they blam the submission cause of that. Also I didnt add to much alterations cause come on! Its a Warthog!

But surely... This is the last Pimp My Warthog. You'll have to wait til Halo 2 Flash game where there you can find a new edition of Pimp My Warthog. Anyways keep Pimping!