Reviews for "Pimp My Warthog 3"


Thas a pretty leet pimper outter lol you need to make some more awesome things like that. Maybe some more of Halo's vehicles...Maybe even move on to making UnrealTournament ones =]


Wow, that was awesome. The drawings were pretty nice and you pretty much covered all you could do to pimp up the warhog. I especially liked the Extras with the little flag in the front, hehe that was cute. Great job with the other drawings, make more! GOod work.


You forgot a shitload of things! Like front ups wheel size RIMS Muffler tips Better Backgrounds!
And the thing where u put the text in is busted you can like only fit one word in the damn thing ! If u dont it just winds to thr right you couldve done better and what kinda driver was that wtf was he a friggen witch?!

wanna shoot the gun....

well i like it.........but i wish i could drive around and blast stuff!!! music would be nice too. over all i think it has alot of potential

cool if you like halo and pimp my ride

good work keep it up i look forword to another but could you add music and make it so you can drive you creation