Reviews for "National Zombie Attack"


Makes me thinks your in a base or something and they are creeping up on you
then an alarm goes off and they everywhere. Also flickering lights.
Great job.

Tarteviant responds:

Thankyou. You totally get this. 5 Dolla footlong!!!!


Oh my GOD

Tarteviant responds:

omgogmgomgogmgmogogmsdlSVD J: jkj..... yay me!! shout outs to Neil!


I remember first hearing this in the "Sketchy Friends Dance" flash and I loved every second of it, so needless to say, I would give a 10 to it in its rawest form on this website. I still don't understand what it has to do with zombies (it sounds more like robots to me), but still a fantastic song that should at least have a much higher rating.

Tarteviant responds:

Take it as: gunning down some zombies with lasers.. but anyway thank you..


reminds me when i took down a whole horde of zombies with ten pounds of butter and a toothpick, but i could've done it with out the butter.

Tarteviant responds:

I guess the butter was just to add to the sex appeal of it all. lol and thanks.

:D :) :3

Without you, TheBoogley's Sketchy Fries Dance wouldn't have been made. RESPECT. :3

Tarteviant responds:

hmmm I never thought of it that way... Thanks!.. and RESPECT.