Reviews for "National Zombie Attack"


Oh my GOD

Tarteviant responds:

omgogmgomgogmgmogogmsdlSVD J: jkj..... yay me!! shout outs to Neil!

Me like

It was kind of trippy yet so awesome at the same time.

Good job

Tarteviant responds:

Dustin.. I haven't heard from you in forever. When are you coming to visit?


reminds me when i took down a whole horde of zombies with ten pounds of butter and a toothpick, but i could've done it with out the butter.

Tarteviant responds:

I guess the butter was just to add to the sex appeal of it all. lol and thanks.

:D :) :3

Without you, TheBoogley's Sketchy Fries Dance wouldn't have been made. RESPECT. :3

Tarteviant responds:

hmmm I never thought of it that way... Thanks!.. and RESPECT.

Great work!

Makes me think of a secluded army research base, and a patrol creeps down a dim hall, all shifty eyed...And just as the bass in the intro of the song goes off, red alarm lights everywhere and the zombies burst around the corner and it turns into a Zombie vs. Laser run for your lives battle!

Tarteviant responds:

OMFG!! YOU GOT IT!! THAT WAS MY VISION AS WELL.. along with an entire city being terrorized... Applause you got it.. THANKS!