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Reviews for "Hallelujah performed by Cayler"


Woah, I love it. I don't know about the chorus bits, it works but I kinda wanna know how it would sound without it. Either way, you can sing something serious, and I agree with Miss Arsenic, you phrase it naturally and your vibrato is genuine. One comment, would be you say "you" and not 'ya', I dunno why that bothers me so much but it stands out by not rhyming. I mean, I can't sing for peanuts, but I am certain phrasing is really hard, I mean it's a profession itself let alone doing it musically. I have to say it is my favorite version of this piece, you couldn't have started it better. I have to hear your other music.

Cayler responds:

Woah thank you for reviewing so many pieces of my music. With great reviews nonetheless. The reason I said ya instead of you was cause I had been listening to a particular version where the artist says 'ya' and so originally I wouldn't have said that, but I was influenced too much by other version. lol And I also kinda thought it sounded need in that particular place because '...do ya' rhymes with '..lujah'. Actually now that I think about it, the author probably intended 'ya' because it always ends up rhyming with hallelujah - do ya, overthrew ya, knew ya, fool ya, etc.

i would of gave it a 20 if i could

this song is beautyful i actually had tears in my eyes and im not one for crying my friend this song i have listened to many times i downloaded it and faved it i love it as well as all your over submissions you have a real talent and i think you will be famous no lie so all in all your brillient at singing well done

I like It!

Hallelujah is one of my favorite songs. It makes me think of Silent Hill. I really like how you made this your own because you used a different last verse. Every other version I've heard has the "What's really going on below" verse for the last one. This is a masterpiece!

Cayler responds:

I never played the Silent Hill game that much, but I loved the movie. My fav part was the siren that went off before it got dark.


if you recorded the entire song, I would totally download it.

Cayler responds:


it makes my dreams think i am shrek