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Reviews for "'08 Inferno for a Hero"

good job.

It seems very fitting for a film. Good work

EvilRaccoon responds:

Thanks very much!


Love it :) .. The beginning is a bit slow but at 1:20, it gets into the action. At 2:03 the horns or w/e mix together and it doesn't sound great but then at 2:15 it sounds better. Great song.

EvilRaccoon responds:

Thanks paperman! :)


Sounds like Batman Begins, but it's good enough, 10/10

EvilRaccoon responds:

:D Thanks very much!

Loved it

It's very good work, absolutely astounding as always from you :)

Here's an idea, and please reply on what you think of it: Inferno for a Hero 2.0, The Launch 2.0, and then combine them. Two bettered renditions of both songs, then combining those renditions together into One Solid Song.

I tried listening to them simultaneously and it seemed like a combined song, especially with your touch, would sound awesome.


EvilRaccoon responds:

Sounds like a good idea! I have alot of work right now, but i'll definetly see what i can do. :D


Loved the music to "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" and I can proudly say you stand among them in quality! Great job! You have found a wonderful niche! Again, keep up the good work!

EvilRaccoon responds:

Thanks so much Johnny! Really appreciate the review! :)