Reviews for "Sunset Awesome"


Oh man, i heard this song on the game Use Boxmen and i fell in love with it straight away and ventured forth to find it in the audio portal.
I play guitar myself and it would be cool to learn this song.
Lovely song =),

Don't put words to this

It'll spoil it. This song is probably your best so far, don't go and ruin it with lyrics that will probably suck anyway.

I dig the comment about wheat fields and butter.

And the one about the lack of words- I have to agree, dude. Words will just screw it up.

This is great as it is.

breakerboy89 responds:

true that guys thanks for the input make sure you check out the other stuff too!

I agree, don't put words to this.

No lyrics, too risky. Eventually whistling, if you want to add something.

Ever since I heard this song in Use Boxmen a few years ago, I've been searching for it online and trying to work it out on guitar. It really is a beautiful tune in its simplicity, and its mellowness gives it a kind of bittersweet feeling towards the end. Excellent job!