Reviews for "Sunset Awesome"

ive reached nirvana.

just so you know, im a little high at the moment.
to me this song is perfection.
its so beautiful :]

breakerboy89 responds:


I created a username specifically so I could review this song. Two years ago, I heard your song playing the game "use boxmen". It's a fantastic platformer, you should check it out.

Flash forward two years today, and I was thinking about my life: all the morning drives I've taken, the dusk wakeboard sessions, all the beach sunsets I've seen, and the beautiful women that have been a part of me. That's when your song came roaring back into my head.

It's such a beautiful piece reminding me of all the beauty I have in my life. Thank you.

P.S. Don't put lyrics to it. This song already speaks more than anything you could put into words.

breakerboy89 responds:

Wow it's pretty crazy to think that something I made so long ago means something to someone! Thanks for the input you are awesome.

Wow, after all these years still an amazing tune, made an account just to give it the 5 stars it deserves!

feel peaceful after hearing the song

Hey man this is absolutely beautiful! I friggin love it! Do you think you can make a guitar tab for it if you have the time or feel the need to? I really wouldn't mind learning this. Thanks for this masterpiece!