Reviews for "Sunset Awesome"


This is pretty. I like it, lol. I enjoy the instrumental, and wonder how it would sound with words.

Good work.

breakerboy89 responds:

Thanks man!

wow :)

i like it :p
You played the guitar yourself or is it from a program ?
now some long notes on the background i think is cool :p
5/5 x 10/10 x fav art/song

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very inspiring

it makes me think of golden wheat fields, swaying in a gentle breeze while two friends are fishing down by the lake nearby as the sun begins to set, quietly enjoying the warmth of the summer.
a really pretty piece, well timed and no harsh notes..really makes me think of the country and how relaxing it can be. very well done, you have some real talent.
..also kind of reminds me of butter commercials O.o; *everyone falls over anime style*

breakerboy89 responds:

LOL! Gorgeous description man! Thanks a bunch!


Oh man, i heard this song on the game Use Boxmen and i fell in love with it straight away and ventured forth to find it in the audio portal.
I play guitar myself and it would be cool to learn this song.
Lovely song =),

ive reached nirvana.

just so you know, im a little high at the moment.
to me this song is perfection.
its so beautiful :]

breakerboy89 responds: