Reviews for "Sunset Awesome"

I agree, don't put words to this.

No lyrics, too risky. Eventually whistling, if you want to add something.

I dig the comment about wheat fields and butter.

And the one about the lack of words- I have to agree, dude. Words will just screw it up.

This is great as it is.

breakerboy89 responds:

true that guys thanks for the input make sure you check out the other stuff too!

Don't put words to this

It'll spoil it. This song is probably your best so far, don't go and ruin it with lyrics that will probably suck anyway.

ive reached nirvana.

just so you know, im a little high at the moment.
to me this song is perfection.
its so beautiful :]

breakerboy89 responds:



Oh man, i heard this song on the game Use Boxmen and i fell in love with it straight away and ventured forth to find it in the audio portal.
I play guitar myself and it would be cool to learn this song.
Lovely song =),