Reviews for "3D beginner's tutorial"


God i would love to see more of these! i hated having to learn Flash on my own... i might start making Tutorials...

Thank You!

Although your help seems to be un-appreciated due to it's score. Please don't feel down hearted! some of us , I am SURE , do appreciate this!

thanks for the help

i didnt make a movie for the site yet, but i really want to
this might help me
i just looked through it
and i think it could work
ill try it someday

well, i still have to download the flash player and everything

dont wanna do it now, just hope it stays on
i give it a 5
this might help other ppl that goes to the site

Xtama responds:

Thank you for your support.

woah this is good ty =D

i didnt liked the kind of reviews like squidbonk┬┤s one, cuz they think u were supposed to teach how to make advanced modelling, but it was just basic!!, and i thank u for givin us the url of an 3D program, cuz not all of us hav swift 3D (if u know if i can dl a free trial or sumthin of it i would appreciate it =D), so this tutorial is good, dont listen to the ppl who givs u low rating pnly cuz they hav swift 3D >=)
keep doing tutorials like this =D
ok farewell XD

It should be kept

this thing is good it can help some people out when doing 3D programation