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Reviews for "{Kavi} Horntail (D'n'b Mix)"


I played maplestory but I had not had a fight with horntail it is that big red dragon right? I really like this song..

DjKavi responds:

horntail is massivly huge...6 parts to fight hes blakish with three heads

I used to play MS

I can see the harsh community of MS has conditioned you for negative criticism. Although I stopped playing when Zakum was the only boss, this song was enjoyable to listen to.

DjKavi responds:

i like making the breakbeats


This remind me of the time he kicked my ass X3
Ahh man brings back maple filled flash backs <3
Kinda miss the game ah well I was wasting to much time on it...and money
Still a fine game Mardia + Tetsacry = FTW \m/


you made the original more epic than it already was. Way to go. You made the most epic 'final' boss song better. The horntail theme was my favorite theme in the game. SO GLAD to actually get a good remix(ish) of this song! the only problem is that its slow to start. Although I love the faster pace to it, and just about everything else ^_^

it is the silence before the storm, SlashByte

Epic on all sides kawika, it awesome!!