Reviews for "The Market 01"

H.E.L.P. = holy shit akaburs back!

Akabur is back!!11221!! This is great, I get to see my favorite artist (next to Kandisky :/) create errotic, ingenious comics once again!
P.S. I noticed the (hopefully lesbian) female buyer too. 3: What if she's getting her husband a present, oh that's make an interesting comic!
P.S. More Aladin comics please, those were really great, her ass in one of them was just, ugh! To die for.

AKABUR responds:

Thank you for your support. There will be more of stuff involving Princess Jasmine, from me. I promise you that. :)

this is one of my favorite art because...

1. nice animation
2.is it wrong that i got a boner?
3.is that jak in the backround?
4.the drawing is actually pretty accurate because all the clothes & enviroment


will this be continued on newgrounds

AKABUR responds:

Yes. But the main thing is going to take place on Hentai-Foundry.


There is a woman in the public...Yummy....

AKABUR responds:

Yay. I thought nobody noticed her. :)

Sparked my curiosity

I like the "metal!" hand in the background