Reviews for "_-={Day of War}=-_"


as i was listening to this, i read your comment and i imagined a scene exactly like what you pictured. I saw a lord of the rings, pirates of the carribean kindof thing going on. Great work man!


I like it alot, but I think the whole song feels like an intro, you should build up some exitement, use the drums at the start and let them drum faster and faster, and then just go full, that's what I missed.

Truly Inspiring!

Excellent work as always Maestro, I always listen to your music when I am writing my novels and they give me ideas to articulate into my stories.

Just simply amazing

I've heard alot of music on newgrounds, and I have to say that your music is..Just simply amazing.

" definitely a five"

i love this song. its totally awesome. i wish there was more classical songs like this. i especially like the first min. and fifteen sec. i like how it feels, how can i describe it? kind of a feeling of power, anger, maybe even hatred? anyways, its a great song. one of my favorite modern classical songs. 500/5 1000/10... oh wait... sorry, correction: 5/5 10/10 =D good job