Reviews for "_-={Day of War}=-_"


Sounds like a professional movie trailer.

it gave me chills

it is beautiful song....it speaks the voices of my comrads who know lie dead...

oh snap!

Maestro you didn't finish your story!! that's just not gonna work, i'm gonna finish it here in this review box! wish me luck!

As the rain soaked armies first lines clashed into each other, shield against shield, water sprayed off of them flying in every direction, only to be soaked again. Weapons began swinging, the water giving a dramatic effect. People were falling,rain mixed with blood, the muddy ground making it a dangerous area.
People were slipping, getting stuck, trampled on, or stabbed while they were down. It was a brutal sight, and as lightning lit the scene with its flashes there would be less bodies standing, and more lying still on the ground. There were yells of pain and triumph mixed together, along with commanders shouting orders, and various grunts and shouts of the very thrill of war!
Finally, as the rain began to clear, the noble ones defending their home stood victorious over the attackers. They had survived this Day of War!

great job Maestro. as usual u caught my soul in ur songs. 10/10 5/5


Diggin it as I always do. I only have one thing to say.



reminds me of soviets going to war...

...i think I've been playing too many war games, though......