Reviews for "_-={Day of War}=-_"

A really great piece

I don't think I picture the scene you've described in your comment. I thnk I'm getting there, and getting there, and getting there, and then I'm almost there, almost, and...

the voice comes in and my entire perspective of the song is changed to that of a religious atmosphere. I see myself in the presence of preaching. Maybe the war scene is going on in the background and people are repenting for their last chance at life.

Anyway, outside of the vision behind your piece, the overall work is a great composition, with a great main melody and a great accompanyment of instrumental work. No rest in the piece (not counting the start and end), and for that I admire the intense sound you create. Excellent composition in fact. I've always liked your work, so keep at it! Yaaaay!

Love this

Had this playing while tooling around in Gmod.

It seemed fitting.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZAnKP v1BwU

Only 10?

Why isn't there 11? hehe
Its perfect. Maybe something like this remade just a little for my game :)


This is really great! There's a great sense of space and movement, and the organization of the parts and buildup between them is just perfect. :3

What orchestra do you use?


Very nice, its perfect for any thing.
(i suck at writing reviews thought)

If its ok with you i might use it in one of my movies.