Reviews for "John Rocker Pinata"

He wasnt a racist, but funny anyway

john rocker wasnt a racist he just made one little comment and the media over-exaggerated it like with everything, but the game was funny anyways.


Now i enjoy tormenting racist mother fuckers as much as the next guy but i neather know or care about this racist baseball player. that added to the poor production values of this game make this a true pile of shit. youll have more fun reading a book kids, or shit just go do drugs, itll make ya a beter person than playing this trashy racism fueled crap-stravaganza.


I don't know who this guy is, but he sure is a wierd person that would look great on a pinata.


I found the game fun in itself to play, but i have no idea who John Rocker is, but (being a black guy) coz hes a racist he should burn in hell while being arse fucked by lucifer! fucking KKK supporting, nazi flag waving PIG!!!


John Rocker is a world class asshole! Great game!!!! LET'S GO METS!!!!