Reviews for "John Rocker Pinata"


I love this game its fun

this should have never seen the light of day

What is the point to this game at all? Pointless objective just make the game stupid. And what is with the Mets player anyway. Overall this game sucks

haha fun

Haha i had fun with this, it was fun o play and kinda takes you back to when rocker did that, the graphics were notbad either, anyways good game, hope you make more sometime

Maybe add some differant scenes and such

Fun game here



Excellently done, it was extremely satisfying to play this game, considering how many fun implements of death you've added and what a hateful bigot the guy is. Probably one of the best assassin games, and definitely the best of it's time.

serves that mothfucker right

ive always wanted to kill that ass eating cock sucker