Reviews for "(Older) Merc-540"


this movie had me hooked on it after a while. it was the shizznit

It has style

I don't think I have seen this too often on newgrounds. Good job! I hope to see more.

Very intriguing

This movie had great graphics, great action, and i love thee storyline. You ideas are very unique! You have sum hollywood quality stuff going on here. PLease make another! O yeah and major get props for having Johnny 5 in ur movie! I totally forgot about that guy. Hahaha

LogFish responds:

Thanks :) Evidently not everyone agrees on the unique aspect, but can't win em all huh?

short circut?

The short circuit movie scenario. Just more violent and very badly concieved.
Ill just get straight to the point.
your drawing style was crap,
your story line had no real point.
and you suck as an animator.

LogFish responds:

How on earth did you make that Short Circuit connection? I tried to hide it so very much! You're going to get a smack botty if you keep posting reviews as useless, abusive and flat-dumb as this one.


The graphics were simple, yet so good. Perfection in imperfection. So good, more in this new series are definitely needed. The only thing you could improve on is slowing the plot down a little bit, but I only say that because most authors like something to work on. Truly great.

LogFish responds:

Thanks! :) I only just noticed how quick the thing ran through when I published it! But I don't think it's so bad having it so fast - I like to have action-packed movies, they're more ... entertaining and time-conserving, heh. I have more ideas for possible sequels so there's still a little bit of room to move there. :) Thanks a lot!