Reviews for "(Older) Merc-540"

woah dude!!!

this is some good stuff,i don't really care what other people say,you got real talent,your animation is superb,sound is good,and the effects are amazing.keep it up!

LogFish responds:

Thanks a lot!

Agree With The Last Fellow...

The Flash was good i thikn you can use your skills in something with a different story line because it had good everything but couldnt keep me on the edge of my seat wanting more or anything like that... nice try

I dont know

It has everything a good movie needs, it just bored me for some reason, I think its the robot thing, its been done so much that nothing is really new to me.


It was pretty cool. Graphics could've been better but the directing was good enough to make up for it. Hope you make more.


that was like the terminator... some good shit right there... keep it up! you should make a second one, with the infected robot gone on the fritz... that'll be svelte...