Reviews for "(Older) Merc-540"


Unlike most of the other films I have viewed by Logfish, I think this one was pretty bad. I.E. where did the other Robots in that van go after MERC left it?

LogFish responds:

They were off, they just sat around. It was two years ago I don't really remember heh.

a pretty good movie

it was well made. I liked the Johnny robot thing because I saw that movie.

Pretty good

I really liked it when he starts to use the lazer that was awesome. Keep it up.


to the film "short circuit" with johnny 5..

good one though.. nice to see some decent flash on the portal


I know this is loosely based on a movie where the robot (Number 5) is not a military slave anymore and acts like a person. great animation though.

LogFish responds:

heh yea - Number 5 called himself Johnny 5, and had his head ripped off in this movie. Thanks about the animation!