Reviews for "(Older) Merc-540"


Must. Have. Music. When the MERC-540 was first activated.

I loved the bit when he was sweeping the laser across. Just epic :D

okay heres the explanation,

the reason that they did'nt use the other ones is because either they knew that it had a virus capability, they were in a hurry, or just preferred to use the more advanced model.

great flash, btw, animation was good, even if it was older. i still likeed it.


Why didn't the military dudes use the other Mercs to subdue the existing one?

Kinda matching.

The whole show matched with the TERRIBLE graphics(And thus u got that 6 points:P)So it was pretty cool.Just that it was a bit hard to understand and also the speech wasn't very clear....I also suggest you add in some subtittles like the SC episodes.

What happened?

Dude! I just finished watching the starcraft series you made, which are awesome, and now you make THIS no good piece of junk? THe only good part was with Johney 5. Short Circuit is one of my favorite movies.

LogFish responds:

I'm glad you like the SC series, but this was made three(?) years before that, and I make no apologies for how shit it is. Next time if you think someone's 'let you down' - look at the date of submissions.