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Reviews for "Hyakugojyuuichi!!"


After finding this one I knew it was worth coming back to Newgrounds one more time. Boy, how big a fan was I of Neil Cicierega's Animation back when I was still in school. Me and my best buddy that was...

Oh man... this brings back so many memories... I love how he uses all these old pokemon songs... I love you neil.

Also, this song is from the ending credits of the 1st season of pokemon in japan. Just go to youtube and look up japanese pokemon ending credits... I think it would have been funnier if THIS was the ending credits instead of pikechu playing with his poke balls...

If ur gunna rate something check the posted date

This was from 2001, flash was primitive at best, i remember the first time i saw this, it was amazing, going back and re-watching it, yes its not up to today's standards but it did come out in 2001, then it was a little under the norm, but it was catchy and new, so it deserves the 4.34 rating, the 13.791 votes prove that as well as the 545,150+ votes it has.

Wow...Just Wow

I'm A big Fan Of Random Stuff....And This Takes The Cake.
Seriously It Was So Friggin Awesome.........<I Think I Gotta Say something Random>


omg lol this is the shit ive seen random shit before and it sucked this is amazing