Reviews for "Megaman PX - Time Trial"


im a big megamen fan nice jb keep up the good work

Good, but not great.

The game has potential to be something great. However, the wall climbing could use some work as well as the jumping. Jumping and climbing are pretty much 2/3 of what the Rockman/Megaman games are about, so if you fine-tune those, as well as add some more enemies and perhaps get rid of the timer, then you'll have a great game.

You've done a good job so far, so keep up the good work.

Andrew-Traviss responds:

Well, the climbing is basically identical to how it is in X4-X6, and the jumping is just a lot less floaty, you jump just as high, and go about as far forward.

very nice MMX game

I liked it alot, I like the fact you added in bass as one of the playable characters. You even allowed the user to define his/her own keys, which is a big bonus in any game. Not to mention it looked and sounded good. 10

Love it! Top notch work!

I've seen the reviews of some of the idiots who just posted one-liner crap about how they hated this. They should never be allowed to breed. -_-

Anyway, excellent work on this game. The different characters made it awesome--especially Bass and his Double Jump--and the customizable controls let me breathe a sigh of relief. (Default 2, yeah!) The "10" in graphics, style, sound, and interactivity speak for themselves. The "6" in violence is only because robots equal no blood. The "5" in humor is because I laughed at how many times I screwed up playing this game. Again, great work. This game rules!

Andrew-Traviss responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, and thanks for the vote of confidence. Can you believe that some people actually feel strongly enough to e-mail me about how much they hate the game?

I consider configurable controls a necessity, I'll never make a Flash game with rigid controls.

Good game

Good job on this one, this has to be one of the greatest megaman X games I've played (yes, I do know Bass isn't in megaman X). This is almost like a different version of a real megaman/X game. Keep up the good work.