Reviews for "Megaman PX - Time Trial"

-_-good...*gos goofy*

bla bla bla iam going goofy!
bla bla bla good game!
bla bla bla vary good game!

good game

I like this and it wold be better if zero had slashing combos. good work

Andrew-Traviss responds:

He actually does have slashing combos, but some change in the Flash Player since I released this broke them. Sadly, the source for the game is lost to the winds and I can't fix the problem.

Pretty Good

While it's not the greatest, it's a fairly good attempt. May I leave some suggestions?

1: Label the characters correctly. The one named "Megaman" is actually "X" or "Mega Man X"
2: Make a few more levels, each with ascending difficulty. Like a super-easy-beginner level, or a Massivly tough level
3: Needs Eddie from Mega Man 8. At least a cameo. It'd be kinda cool.

NIce job overal.

Though the difficulty is... punishing, to say the least...


i didnt get far but its great