Reviews for "Megaman PX - Time Trial"

I finally beat the last level

but i still have the other 3 to go, i think i beat the 1st a few yrs ago (i submitted as "Ray Say" (coz i'm Raymond Sayah :D))

not bad

you could do better


this Game is Good but confuse and the time ends fast

very good work

the flash itself and the work that mustve been put into it was good, and it looks just like my old super nintendo version of Megaman X only a little better because you could choose from 3 different characters and find the one whos abilitys you preferred only it was shorter but that is understandable (it being a flash game and all). but i found it too hard to maneuver around the terrain plus no bosses (at least at level 2 because i never got to the end of level 1, 3 and never tried 4. but forgetting the gameplay factor its pretty good.


i find it to be hard because i am not used to the controls. and when i read that the controls was configurable, i thought you can change it to whatever you want it to be. but nice.