Reviews for "Megaman PX - Time Trial"


Andrew,I give you props,X and Zero are the original tag team in the megaman X games,they have always been good buds even when Zero flipped out and went bad guy.This game is of great quality and has an exellent replay value.I give you 10's across the board.Please hurry and make the next one,but could you do me a favor,give Zero the Red/Black armor option,cuz Black Zero is da bomb,dont get me wrong,Red armor zero is sweet,But the Black Zero is a pimp,and just a suggestion,but you should give them speical attacks,like Zeros saber uppercut from X5 or 6 that would be really sweet.Keep up the good work!

Nicely done

Nicely done, please make another one, except, could you add Axl? If you wanna know, he's in X7. I'm adding this to my favourites.

Andrew-Traviss responds:

Problem is that Axl is only available in 3D Megaman games. Unfortunately my spriting skills are somewhat limited, and actually creating a full Axl sheet is beyond what I have the time or the talent to do.

its ok

my only problem is the crontrols r to clummsy, and what the diff between x and megeman??

Andrew-Traviss responds:

There is control configuration on the options screen.

By Capcom's story, X was a new robot built by Dr. Light who was never activated because Light was worried he might be dangerous. Megaman must have been destroyed at some point, and he is not around any more at the time of Megaman X.

I dislike this story and had plans to change it.

Great Game!

very great game please make the next one i been waiting 3 years now but there are a few things that are wrong bass cant double jump but zero can double jump and zero has a 3-hit combo attack with his saber not just 1 attack and make more stages and make bosses X and Zero can absorb boss powers though please reply thx!

Andrew-Traviss responds:

Actually when this game was first uploaded, he did have a 3 hit combo. Something they changed in Flash Player 8 broke it though, and I no longer have the source files for the game, so I can't even go in and fix it :(


It was a nice game, but there was one problem - you said that Megaman was a playable character, but that's X, not Megaman. My only other beef is Bass being there, but that's not important.

Andrew-Traviss responds:

See the response below - I never liked Capcom's story between the two series. I was planning to change it.