Reviews for "[EDJRMX] Beats n Bass"

Great song.

Very well done. Had a very addicting sound. I've never heard of the original version so what ever you needed to fix, it seems like you did a great job. I thought the length of the lyrics was perfect even though there wasen't much. Great job. 10/10, 5/5

EnkoreDJ responds:

lol, when i mean original i was talking about my original version of this remix.
im not sure what the original sounds like either, i just made this from scratch using the acapella. Thx for the review :)

Great man =]

Very good transitions and breaks, cool vocals and great bass =] Real good hands up song, great man!

I guess the bass is what i really like about this song, it has some proffesionality over it and really pushes the hands up thing all out ;-) Cool vocals, good choice of them AND they are very well syncronized... Awesome man. Love the Beats N Bass vocals to, are they self recorded or liek what?

Cool =]

Current Score
4.48 / 5.00 (+ 0.11)


Awesome track, worth listening to over and over again =D

Thank you for your time.

-[ BeatSource ]-

EnkoreDJ responds:

whoa, thanks alot :D


Dear god, man. You seem to have topped yourself again! I love this song! You need to do some more work with vocals because this is just phenomenal. Anyhow, keep up the great work! Looking forward to your next song!

EnkoreDJ responds:

lol thx :)


The intro OWNS MASSIVE PWNAGE!!!!!!! The rest of the song is pretty fucking awesome too. Great fucking job m8!!! Now I'm PUMPED UP!!


EnkoreDJ responds:

lol thx :D :D
still need to master this though =/ :P


This is a great song, the only thing was the bass. I filppin loved it, and it was at the right level, it just happens to have a ton of static. Besides that, one of the best lyric techno songs on here. Plus, I might be a little bit of a stickler for quality, it's not your fault :)

EnkoreDJ responds:

no i agree. the mastering is shit. im still learning how to do it and when i get it right i will be sure to fix this :)