Reviews for "[EDJRMX] Beats n Bass"

This song has way too few downloads or hits for how good it is. It's among about 20 songs I downloaded back in 2008 and still listen to frequently. Love it.


This was some good shit man =D
Enjoyed listening to this, i love this kind of music!

Keep up the good work mate =)

5/5 --- 10/10


EnkoreDJ responds:

lol, thx :)


The intro OWNS MASSIVE PWNAGE!!!!!!! The rest of the song is pretty fucking awesome too. Great fucking job m8!!! Now I'm PUMPED UP!!


EnkoreDJ responds:

lol thx :D :D
still need to master this though =/ :P


I thought the drums were a little too hard for this awesome intro, it just blew me away. The vocals are really good. Thought when the drums come in again, it sounds too loud really, well it's good but the drums must have some nice rhythm to it to match the synth. Overall a kick ass song.

EnkoreDJ responds:

thanks :)


Dear god, man. You seem to have topped yourself again! I love this song! You need to do some more work with vocals because this is just phenomenal. Anyhow, keep up the great work! Looking forward to your next song!

EnkoreDJ responds:

lol thx :)