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Reviews for "The Song of Healing"

The best!

None of the other's compare to this one, it was the closest I could get to this masterpiece Nintendo made. Thank you.

CrazyCookie responds:

Excellent. You're welcome.


wow... its curious usually sequels to games arent as good as the first 1 but majoras mask shines next to ocarina of time... both are my fav games on n64

CrazyCookie responds:

I concur. Zelda for the win!


This really gripped me, and sent me flying back to MM.
Extremely well thought out. There are few composers who can grip a listener when they least expect it. You're definitely one of 'em.
It stays true to what all us Zelda fanatics remember.
A job well done!


As a Zelda fan I remember this tune. I've always loved this tune, simple yet has an elegant feel to it. Excellent job re-creating one of the best tune's for Zelda. You hear the tune again in Twilight Princess...if you pick up on it.


This is my favorite Zelda song ever and you have done it justice. Excellent work.