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Reviews for "The Song of Healing"

The best!

None of the other's compare to this one, it was the closest I could get to this masterpiece Nintendo made. Thank you.

CrazyCookie responds:

Excellent. You're welcome.

The melody is one of my all time favorites.

It helps me calm down quite alot, I miss that game... Awesome song, thank you for this wonderous masterpiece.

CrazyCookie responds:

I also miss it. I wish it would come out on virtual console. Why, thank you for this wonderous review.

This is calming,

i cant beleive how good this sounds, it is so calming and peaceful! i can't wait to sleep tonight, though there are some notes that clash it is a 9 out of 10

CrazyCookie responds:

Hope you slept good falling asleep to this. Thanks for the review.

Awesometastic triple kill

This song is the poo! It send me to my happy place, great job cooke, keep the good work and the school.

CrazyCookie responds:

Ya, boomshot yo. Keep it real, homie. Heh.

Well done

This is a very enjoyable piece of music and you have redone it very well. accidentally listened to it while i chatted with a close friend online for a couple of hours.

CrazyCookie responds:

Hey, accidents happen and coincidentally some of them turn out good. Good to know this was one of those good examples. Thanks for the review.