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Reviews for "The Song of Healing"

Thank god somebody notices!

9/10 of the time people NEVER include the part with the synthesizer.. but somebody finally got it right! haha sweet! The song is never complete without that deep sound in the background. You, my friend are more legitimate than more than half of the people who try to make this song!


good job, captured it right 10/10 5/5 !!!!


i have been looking for this entry, i downloaded this like 6 months ago, i fucking love it. i just wanted to find it, add it to favorites and give it 5's when i do get on newgrounds.

CrazyCookie responds:

Hey thanks man. Glad ya love it hahaha.


wow... its curious usually sequels to games arent as good as the first 1 but majoras mask shines next to ocarina of time... both are my fav games on n64

CrazyCookie responds:

I concur. Zelda for the win!

I shed a tear.

Possible one of my favorite N64 games of all time (haha time). Time really flies by and I remember this theme. Majora's Mask was my favorite Zelda game even if it is a sequel in a sense. Thank You for reminding of an all time classic Zelda song. Thx Kupopo!

CrazyCookie responds:

Anything for the moogles. (: