Reviews for "Out by the shipyard"

nicely put together piece.

I was looking at this for awhile and I and I like the composition. I was immediately attracted to the structure on the left then my eyes slowly drifted across the piece. I'm guessing you know a thing or two about color theory, there's a good balance between warm and neutral colors. I don't know much about color theory but I would add something. (keep this in mind, this only my preference.) I would add a little more complementary colors on some the buildings or objects, of course that may not be the style you were going for or maybe I'm missing something.

I'd also like to add that this reminds me of some concept art, this one specifically.


EchoCharlieDelta responds:

Spot on with the complimentary colors, it was my intention to also use pastel blue and reds, however I couldn't find a well enough balance with the browns and hence decided to leave them out. Had the sky been tinted blue, I think the pastels would've worked (blue/white) however I limited the use of color pretty strongly from the start.
The concept art I just had a look at is pretty much the future style I would like to master. Thanks for that though!


Like it reminds me of Jack Vance books , the colours on the boat do look a bit weird though

EchoCharlieDelta responds:

I checked out those books after that comment - the winner is you!


Do you have any pieces for sell?
It's really beaultiful, I can't really see anything wrong with putting it on my Liv room.


Excellent. Your skill is amazing. Your effort and ability can bee seen in this piece. The attention to detail is meticulous. The amount of information placed into this single panel is amazing. Some of the buildings demonstrate a fair amount0 of creativity. The light has a realistic effect. The hazy feel of the painting only elevates its value. This work has made routine industrial life interesting. I have but a single complaint. The water. You capable of so much more than what is given to us in your dull stream of grey. Why torture us so? Present us with something magical. Something amazing.

--Last Guardian

EchoCharlieDelta responds:

Your compliments are definitely most humbling.
The water, I did, actually play around with drawing a lot of reflections and stuff. I felt that it took away from the sky too much - I wanted the water to be dull; in essence I wanted to be almost sludgy and seem aesthetically it was faded. It was a conscious thing I did, the reflection one looked good but I didn't like it. Also more detail detracted from the little man fishing, he got lost in the detail. I had a boat (rough drawn) and a pier, but I got rid them on purpose.
Much love, peace.