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Reviews for "Out by the shipyard"

thus is awsome i love it ......so cool ^_^


i can see my house from here.

good. this is getting desktopped

Great focusing!!!

You clearly take our attention to the skyline where the buildings are drawn with detail lighting. And they look so realistic!! The composition of details and the details themselves are astonishing. This is something i've always wanted to do, to draw a lot of things but direct one's attention to only a part of them. How you managed the lighting, how you leave the foreground plain, and capture our (or at least my) attention to that amazing spot every time i look at your painting - i dont know how you did it - but i certainly DIG the grandeur of the scenery!!! Chills every time i look!


The guy below me nailed it, but I'd just like to point out I love the barely visible mountain landscape in the back by the sunshine. Very onirical.