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Reviews for "Millionaire: LOTR Edition"

Being a Tolkien fanatic...

I gave this a reasonable score. I made it to 64k without losing any lifes , but then i fucked up. This is definetly going in my faves and you as one of my fave authors excellent work. And if you post on NG alot, come to the Tolkien club, and we can talk. Well done on an excellent game.

Corey responds:

thanks alot man.


Thats because I read all 3 books (and also the Hobbit) and watched the movie and commentaries enough to barf. . . Great job!

LOTR quiz goodness

really tests u on LOTR. not bad

very good

hey that was excellent. How long did u take to make those questions and how many times did you watch the movies? lol. oh and to the guy who reveiwed b4 me (geezabird) there is a reason that the LOTR movies have been labled the best movie of all time and has one millions of oscars..... and as for the "wasting of your life" no1 really cares about that seeing as u r gay ... face it. and no1 ses "male genitalia".

Easy man! I can almost evrything about Lotr

Hehe, that was easy.
I have seen all the movies about 10 times or something.
And all that animating shit was easy 2 cuse i have maked a battle with that animating program.
Good game!