Reviews for "Millionaire: LOTR Edition"


I liked this game, it's just like Who Wants 2 be a Millionare. Great questions :)

I don't know my Lord of the Rings that much but...

This game was fun as hell. I grinned when the question said what sam refers to his dad: a fat tub of shit. lol. Nice job! Great game. Make more with other subjects. But one thing. The music kind of gets annoying. But hey. Its Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

very good

hey that was excellent. How long did u take to make those questions and how many times did you watch the movies? lol. oh and to the guy who reveiwed b4 me (geezabird) there is a reason that the LOTR movies have been labled the best movie of all time and has one millions of oscars..... and as for the "wasting of your life" no1 really cares about that seeing as u r gay ... face it. and no1 ses "male genitalia".

great job

I'm a big fan of Tolkien's work and Peter Jackson also did a good job. The questions were easy yet tricky. I loved it!

The end is cool!

I want mah 1 million money! I am the Dark Lord Sauron,forger of the One Ring.. The One ring.. TO RULE THEM ALL!