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Reviews for "Millionaire: LOTR Edition"


cant find anything else to say........thought it would be more entertaining....

rofl lmao

its so darned funny when it asks the question where is what sam refers to call his father and when i saw answer D: A fat tub of shit, so funny XD


You are wrong you are so wrong that your knowledge of LOTR shouldn't even allow you to answer the first question.... Watch the movie closely and Read the book. SAM named that pony Bill. Shadowfax is one of the marelass(SP?) and don't be so quick to judge.

i hate you

Okay the game is made pretty well , but there realy is a glitch with helping icons. I dont think its a glitch actualy , i think when you made the game you just made does icons invisible , you didnt make them vanish completely , only the image.........you dont realy think that people are that stupid. anyway the game is realy great .
If your asking yourself why i hate you , then its because you call people bastards for no reason.

haha i found a glitch

you can still click the 50-50 sign or the ask the audience, or phone a friend even if you've clicked it before (just click where it would be)