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Reviews for "Millionaire: LOTR Edition"


Nice Game, well laid out etc. and some rather tricky questions.
will_blam, I don't think it was to easy i think you did something called C-h-e-a-t.

too easy

ive never seen lord of the rings and i beat that in 5 minutes, u can;t use the exact same question every time i play i just memorize wich ones are right!

too easy!!!!

Worthy of my five minutes

It was alright, for a millionaire game...i liked the "finish the line" questions.

Also, peter jackson made a different cameo in the two towers, he was the first to throw a rock at Helm's deep, and i'm not sure i've seen him in the place you said...o well! Decent game

purdy good

i dont think its worthy of front page though (sry)

home burger theres 9 because you know that guy named boromir. He was in the fellowship too but got killed by the leader of the urah-kai (dunno how to spell it)

good game though


and to homeburger there is 9 in the fellowship that includes boromeir.