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Reviews for "Millionaire: LOTR Edition"


hee hee, im too good for you, why didnt you make the questions harder? here's a question, who did vigo morrtoson (aragorn/ellesar/strider) get off with on the first day of filming? answers on a postcard

i got to show my freinds this

I only made it to the last qustion

THIs some hars SH"t

it was a really fun game

Not too shabby. I found it pretty easy up until the $32,000 mark. Keep up the good work and make more like this.

that was very fun

it really made you think back to the lotr movies i must say well done sir!


great game. I found a bug though, when you use the public thingey first and then you call someone at the same question, you can't see the text of the phone call. Still worth a 5.