Reviews for "Dead Baby Dressup 3"

Edmund u sick fuck This is Almost God-Like!

DUDE U SOMEHOW OUTDID URSELF AGAIN! u r almost a GOD! if u had a bigger baby and the x.x easier 2 cover up then i culd make th best baby in the fukkin world! add like Joints,Bongs,Heroine and Coke, Etc....... But it is still one of the best if not the best game!

Good Job Ed!!

Looks like every one got a chance to write a review before me this time. Oh well, as you can see as of the time I am writing this, there are more 10's than 0's. So for all you Ed haters out there. Go screw yourself's you ass holes!


your best work yet!!! In fact, I played it before it even showed up at the portal...


This was even better than the first 2exactly like you said and promised Edmund, well done!!! Still could use aniamtions and sound like ive said 50000000 times before as the only imporvments seem to be just the clothes and add-ons. the animations and soudns just make it that little bit extra!


i can make a smoker from left 4 dead