Reviews for "Dead Baby Dressup 3"

not as gross as it sounds

everyone should try this, very nicely done


Even Though I idolize All Of You Work, This Had To Be The Best Thing Ive Played In My Life. Nice Work!


Fuck dude your the bomb!

Dude this is some good shit!If u havent seen this U better then because this guy right here has some talent ahhahahah im gonna try to enter that contest of yours and maybe i'll be a winner!Ya never know!GJ
Keeep it up dude!

Cant wait for num.4!!


i liked it. sure it waz kinda freaky but who carez. all of thoze annoyin son of a bitchez who have a problem wit it should make their own fuckin game and get their headz out of your ass. juss shake dem hataz off


like number 4, this is amazing, i dunno how that other dude gave it a 2 hes a tw@t! dead babie dressup ROCKS!