Reviews for "Dead Baby Dressup 3"

not as gross as it sounds

everyone should try this, very nicely done

I always like the art work u do

fuk anybody who doesent like it and gives ita bad review

Edmund u sick fuck This is Almost God-Like!

DUDE U SOMEHOW OUTDID URSELF AGAIN! u r almost a GOD! if u had a bigger baby and the x.x easier 2 cover up then i culd make th best baby in the fukkin world! add like Joints,Bongs,Heroine and Coke, Etc....... But it is still one of the best if not the best game!

two thumbs up

i love the art work this guy does. though some may disagree dead babies are clearly the funniest thing sice singing penises. if you don't enjoy the comedic gold of dead babies then you should stay clear of this, and quit giving this guy shit. nobodys forcing people to watch these. if you find something offensive you should avoid it instead ofshitting your pants about it.


dude i draw something thats exactly like this but mine are dolls instead of babies i went to your site its pretty cool you should make a movie witha zombie baby who destroys a city