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Reviews for ""Everlasting""


I listen to all kinds of music except for rap pop and country, and in my time here on newgrounds this is one of the best jams I've heard in audio in a while

Rukkus responds:

wow. Thanks man. It really feels good to read that. I'm glad u enjoyed the song.


Dude all of your songs are just totally frekin awsome, there is oviously no words that can explain on how frekin awsome they are

Rukkus responds:

Thank you very much technofreak! It's people like you who keep me motivated. I really appreciate it.


it seems every time i listen to your music i download and give 10/10 a suggestion for battle zone add gunshots so it sounds more like one if thats what you intended listin to disturbed indestructable thats what first came to mind when i heard that song

Rukkus responds:

ya man, i love "indestructable"...such a badass song. Anyways, thanks for the good review and suggestion, ill consider it.


good , realllllllllllllllllly good

Nice song.

Very easy to depict the Nexus presets though. And the kick roll distorted everything. The main lead I believe is Supersaw X4 and the bass in the beginning was Trancebass 5. Everything got really distorted around 1:22. You should really fix that. Ok song, not too bad of a job.


P.S. I'm not trying to make myself look like a giant dick I'm just trying to help people out. Try making those Nexus presets sound different by EQ'ing them. Or use something like 3xOsc (if you have FL) or Rapture to make your basses. Good luck improving :)

Rukkus responds:

lol. well, the lead was the German trumpet 3, and the bass was actually something i got from VipZone or w/e. Anyways, i get what you mean, thanks for the review.