Reviews for "<Breathless>"


i found it! lol
this song is awesome man.
thank for making it.

Champius responds:

no problem : )


A softness, wonderful music combine with rock and acidic music, wat a nice masterpiece!! Beside tis music let my breaking free suddenly, so, i wish u can create another music like tis in the future!!

Champius responds:

thanks for reviewing!

i just might make another like this, we'll see how it goes i guess..

this song....

left me breathless.

Champius responds:

hah, well hopefully you don't stay like that for too long..

im glad you liked it! : )

Piano Notes?

I love the song and i would love to be able to play it on piano. I cant figure it out by ear so can you plz pm or post a screen shot of the piano rolls or tell me the notes? Thanks!

Champius responds:

hey, sorry for the really late reply.....

i wish i could give you the notes, but the computer i made this on caught on fire....

i know unbelievable.....sorry man : (

Love it

I still love this song after hearing it months ago. There is a pretty big anointing on you Champius. Keep it up!