Reviews for "<Breathless>"


I heard this version right after the demo, and this is wonderful.

Here's what I recomend.

Try submiting a Techno and an Ambient version of this. It would be pretty interesting to see that. But if you were to keep this song like this version, you should make the transition smoother. Also, let the last note ring for a while instead of just cutting it off, that took away a lot.

Still, I really like this song!


Champius responds:

yeah, maybe i'll do that.....

thanks for the review : ]

O o!

I really enjoyed the Piano starting it off. I wished that it never changed though. Nothing wrong with the techno addition, but it was kinda unsettling as if the whole song changed phase.

Anyway I liked it overall though.

Champius responds:

hehe yes i do realize that they are like two completely different parts that dont really blend together.....thanks for the review man. it is funny though that the guy below thought the opposite thing by prefering the technoish part more....i was kind of split in between so i just figured i would try and mash them together....this way it gives to both tastes.....i think..

really good

i like it especially the part when it turns techno because i was kinda bored of the piano you should of made it come in earlier

Champius responds:

thanks for the input and the review : ]


If you do this same song fully piano it wuld be much better but the techno didnt sound bad

Champius responds:

yeah, maybe i will

thanks for the review


The change didnt catch me offguard like it did for others... i thought it worked really well..
Loved both sections
Its an amazing piece - Very relaxing and calm

Great work! 10/10 5/5

Champius responds:

thank you..it means a lot