Reviews for "<Breathless>"

Is this a remix?

If it isnt, I know a song that sounds absolutly like this.....

>.> <.<
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....let me know....

Champius responds:

yeah, Shayne Ward has the original..... : )


::tear rolls down an eye::
amazing fer sure

Champius responds:

hah thanks!


A softness, wonderful music combine with rock and acidic music, wat a nice masterpiece!! Beside tis music let my breaking free suddenly, so, i wish u can create another music like tis in the future!!

Champius responds:

thanks for reviewing!

i just might make another like this, we'll see how it goes i guess..


There is enough softness to the heavier part of the beat to not be overwhelming so its relaxing while also enticing at the same time. A masterful flow of delicate music. i can sit and listen to this for hours and not ever be bored with it.

Champius responds:

im glad you like it.. thanks for the review! : ]


i found it! lol
this song is awesome man.
thank for making it.

Champius responds:

no problem : )