Reviews for "<Breathless>"

Love at first....listen?

I'm astonished by how timid you are by your work. I especially like the piano part at the very beginning-it's so calming. I've heard the original Breathless by Shayne Ward, and I daresay that I enjoyed your version so much more.
10/10 and 5/5 on any scale.

Champius responds:

whoa, thank you so much

more than shayne wards.....thats crazy : )

I'm really glad you enjoyed it, thanks for your review!

not painful at all

except for being breathless(bad pun, i know)
but anyway great song, great job it sounded great
it would be great if you check out my song and give me some feedback
thx, great song again

Champius responds:

Hey thanks for the review man!

and i've heard puns much worse haha : )

Wow.... just Wow

Wow i don't really know what to say that was incredible. I want to ask, what equipment/programs did you use to make this. I'd really like to know. and again fantastic job.

Champius responds:

hey thanks a lot for the review!

and to answer your question, for this i used fl studio sounds and nexus

hope that helps : ]


im speechless
i am in love with this song

Champius responds:

im speechless too......

thanks for reviewing!

this song....

left me breathless.

Champius responds:

hah, well hopefully you don't stay like that for too long..

im glad you liked it! : )