Reviews for "<Breathless>"

....... AWESOME!!!

10 stars i love it

long piano, but not a problem, sound awesome

the piano was too long in my opinion but it sounded awesome and very relaxing. the second part was alright, transitions were good, how everything matches needs to be tweaked a bit but other than that good song.


awesome piano!

the piano in the beginning is what really makes a trance song for me
but it seemed to long and took up like 3/4 of the song. if you wanted to, you
could put this in the classical section by replacing the nexus with a nice string sound. but overall very good!

I think it worked well

Eh to Heartless1298: I thought the contrast worked well... :/
I really think the transition works... >.<
I like this song anyways, thought it was great. ;)

Champius responds:

thanks a ton man! : ]

Dear god...

That piano intro was completely and totally godly, but then you destroyed the song with the second half, because, I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't that good.

But the piano part was absolutely amazing. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I heard that. You should definitely do a song like this except don't use a regular synth for a lead, use a piano. Actually, I think I'll do that...

Overall, I only really liked the piano intro. You should really work on your choice of synths. Seeing as this is a soft and sad song, you should have chosen a soft supersaw for a main lead, and a softer kick, along with softer synths all over. Again, nice piano work though.


Champius responds:

hah yeah i just kinda mashed the two together....i didnt really put much thought into that then....

I do know what you mean though

anyway thanks a lot for taking the ime to review!