Reviews for "Compatible Software"


This is super gay, Good job :P


you have some mad skills bro

deathink responds:

Well thanks lil'boy.

close to perfection :3

definitely love where you went with your concept but the kite-lines are way too sharp. perhaps blurring them a bit and adding some slight transparency would make it fit in more with the overall smooth look. also, the way the line is just in the middle of meat(kites?)boys face feels rushed. i'd have tied it to one of his teeth. :3

overall i think this is a pretty solid contender for the prize.

deathink responds:

HEHE you are correct, but I am way ahead of you... in the Hi- Res Version of this image the kite line is blurred, things are sharpened up and the kite string is in super meat kites mouth (although not tied to his teeth , but I think i will make it tied to his teeth now )... After the competition is over i will be uploading the hi_res version. The hi-res versions file size is ridiculously huge and I didn't want contest viewers to have to wait for it to load. There is a little more to this story but who cares, anyway thanks for the well thought out suggestion.

M.B. DeathInk

-cringes slightly- a good sumbmission! a little creepy, a little interesting, and enough color to make someone go into convulsions! just perfect! add some shading next time!!

i bet you jacked off so hard drawing this

deathink responds:

Are you kidding me? How could I not?