Reviews for "Compatible Software"

Only a 9?

This was a straight 10 when I saw this. Not only is it funny and captivating with all the pretty colors, the iconic Meaty kite, and the penises, but I can tell you put a lot of hard work into this. Not to mention it's uncensored which I always think makes for a better picture(why not? it's art!)

Anyways congrats on your front page entry.

I'm impressed here

Not just by you but the reviewers, I was honestly expecting a bunch of "ewww, fagness gay stuff!" and yet here it is on the front page with all the review scores it deserves.
Bravo internet, bravo.

Well this is kind of gay....

Of course in a good way. I never seen a art piece like this, two guys holding hands and frolicking (sp?) in the flowers naked! :3

lol! too much meat!!!

deathink responds:

Not enough :P

I got trolled so hard. :| Meh. It is an excellent choice for the contest though :3