Reviews for "Compatible Software"

Only a 9?

This was a straight 10 when I saw this. Not only is it funny and captivating with all the pretty colors, the iconic Meaty kite, and the penises, but I can tell you put a lot of hard work into this. Not to mention it's uncensored which I always think makes for a better picture(why not? it's art!)

Anyways congrats on your front page entry.

All I can say is...

LOL! I'm surely this will win in the CONTEST!
But... It broke one rule...

Well this is kind of gay....

Of course in a good way. I never seen a art piece like this, two guys holding hands and frolicking (sp?) in the flowers naked! :3

lol! too much meat!!!

deathink responds:

Not enough :P

I got trolled so hard. :| Meh. It is an excellent choice for the contest though :3